It’s Time To Raise The Energy, Motivate Your Audience
and Ignite Your Training Session

These Icebreaker training games have been hand picked by professional trainers across the world and have been put together in this easy to use practical e-book called "World’s Best Icebreakers For Trainers".

In this e-book there are 52 amazing games that you can instantly use to...

World’s Best Icebreakers For Trainers
  • Break the Ice at the beginning of your session.
  • Motivate and Energize the trainees all day long.
  • Stimulate the Brain.
  • Encourage communication.
  • Encourage Teamwork within your group.
  • Identify the Personalities in the Group.

You will have enough games to facilitate in your sessions and be able to use a different one for every week of the year!

How cool is that!!!

The book is laid out in a practical order to minimise your planning time and allow you to choose the appropriate icebreaker for your session quickly and easily.

Each Icebreaker identifies:

  • The aim of the icebreaker
  • Category in which it falls
  • Time taken to run
  • Number of people suitable for
  • Materials required
  • Preparation needed
  • Process of running Icebreaker
  • How it is wrapped up
  • Any discussion points
  • Any variations that can be made to the Icebreaker

There is such a large variety on offer within the book that whatever your goal of the icebreaker is, you will easily be able to pick an icebreaker that is appropriate.

You will find:

Introduction Icebreakers to break down any anxieties within your group and help them feel relaxed with their fellow trainees.

Communication Icebreakers to identify how to communicate effectively with people and encourage participation within your session.

Motivation Icebreakers to uplift your trainees attitudes and encourage enthusiasm within their role.

Problem Solving Icebreakers to get your team members thinking and their brains working.

Energizers to encourage enthusiasm with the group and get them animated.

Teamwork Icebreakers that encourage teamwork within a group and help them to bond with each other and become an entirety.

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World's Best Icebreakers For Trainers E-Book
52 Icebreaker Games To Break The Ice, Motivate, Energize and Bring Life To Your Training Session

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52 Icebreaker Games

To Break The Ice, Motivate, Energize and Bring Life To Your Training Session.

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