Hi, my name is Philly Richards and you have no doubt clicked on this page to find out who I am and why you should buy my book or join my community. First of all, thanks for visiting my site!

I am 34 years old and am from the UK and currently live in a beautiful town called Ely in Cambridgeshire.

I originally started my career in the hospitality industry where I was scrubbing toilets, making beds, washing pots and pans and spilling food over customers. I have travelled and worked across many countries and certainly have many stories to tell!! :-)

2004 I finally came to the realisations that I was continuously being pulled on a corporate whim and decided to break through from the headache and stress where I started my own Training and Coaching Company called Gold Star Training Ltd.

Gold Star Training focuses on providing Trainers and Presenters the skills, tools and resources to help them take their trainings and presentations to another level.

Our main events are “Train The Trainer” events where we take our attendees through an intense programme of how To Run The Ultimate Training / Presentation which includes the organising, the logistics, the managing, the facilitating, the delivery and the confidence and their whole self. We also have an Online Shop For Trainers and Presenters where you can connect with like minded people across the world and share resources.

I also run a few other ventures, Our Ultimate Dream Team, which is a group where we run fun events and learning experiences for our members and guests. To find out more go to www.OurUltimateDreamTeam.com.

I also coach people to live a more fulfilling life and to follow their true purpose in life. Take a look at The Money Gym

You can find out more about what I do, read inspirational stories at www.PhillyRichards.com. I hope you enjoy my Icebreakers and “World’s Best Icebreakers For Trainers”. If you want to contact me then please click here>>

I totally respect your privacy and will not spam you, rent, trade or sell your details to any third party companies.

52 Icebreaker Games

To Break The Ice, Motivate, Energize and Bring Life To Your Training Session.

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